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Amethyst Marimo Choker

Amethyst Marimo Choker

gothic-style  choker with a live marimo moss ball & amethyst crystals.

bottle is appx 1inch long

- amethyst - 
chakra: third eye, crown
astrological sign:
aquarius, capricorn, pisces, virgo 
physical: overcoming addictions, nerve disorders and aids oxygenation of the blood.
emotional: repels negative energy. helps clear addictive emotional patterns.
spiritual: facilitates conscious connection with spirit guides and universal energy

marimo care instructions: 
marimo moss balls are super easy to care for! they only require you to change the water every two weeks or so. try not to leave this tiny algae directly in the sun as they like shaded or indirect sunlit areas more. you can play with the marimo and it helps retain it's round shape if you roll it between your palms every once and a while. marimo moss balls can live up to one hundred years if taken care of properly & are known to grow about 5mm a year.

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