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Amethyst & Moonstone Necklace

Amethyst & Moonstone Necklace

beautiful amethyst point with small rainbow moonstone
can be worn as a pendant & used as a pendulum

appx 1.5inches & hung on appx 20inches of silver chain.

- amethyst -
chakra: third eye, crown
astrological sign:
aquarius, capricorn, pisces, virgo 
physical: overcoming addictions, nerve disorders and aids oxygenation of the blood.
emotional: repels negative energy. helps clear addictive emotional patterns.
spiritual: facilitates conscious connection with spirit guides and universal energy

- rainbow moonstone - 
chakra: sacral, heart
astrological sign: cancer
physical: supports the body in overcoming fatigue 
emotional: inspires enthusiasm, self acceptance and joy
spiritual:  stimulates awakening of the divine femine

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