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Amethyst Pet Charm

Amethyst Pet Charm

Each pet charm is securely made of real silver & can be attached to any collar with the small keychain loop included. Measures appx .8" & weighs appx 3g.


Pet charms we're created with the intention of bringing protection & light to your companions. Crystal energies are not meant to replace professional medical treatments for you or your pets.


Amethyst is a powerful all-round healer that any animal could benefit from. It helps deal with arthritis, strengthens the blood, heart & lungs, aids with digestion, stomach problems & helps animals deal with physical pain. Amethyst clears negative energy which balances your pet's energy fields, calms rattled nerves, promotes physical & energetic well-being. Amethyst's calming energy is well known to help with separation anxiety & hyperactivity. It's so calming that it is even said to help moderate excessive barking in dogs, yowling in cats & screeching in birds. An added bonus of Amethyst is that fleas hate the energy vibration of it so will be a natural deterrent.

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