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Arnica Healing Salve
  • Arnica Healing Salve

    This strong healing salve in made from 100% organically grown Arnica (Arnica chamissonis) infused in organic olive oil & set with local BC beeswax. This salve is amazing at speeding up the healing of sprains, fractures, bruises, torn muscles & any muscular or skeletal trauma. It also relieves pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel & tendonitis. Arnica should not be used on open wounds & should only be used externally as it can cause gastric upset when taken internally. Always preform a patch test prior to regular use.


    size: 1oz , 1.5oz or 2.5oz


    Handmade in small batches to assure quality.
    Please remember to recycle or reuse all packaging

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