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Aventurine Pet Charm

Aventurine Pet Charm

Each pet charm is securely made of real silver & can be attached to any collar with the small keychain loop included. Measures appx .8" & weighs appx 3g. 


Pet charms we're created with the intention of bringing protection & light to your companions. Crystal energies are not meant to replace professional medical treatments for you or your pets.


Aventurine helps animals adjust to new environments & is the perfect stone if your animal suffers from travel or seperation anxiety because this stone helps them easily adjust to unfamiliar environments. Aventurine is known as the wellness stone which can initiate a deep physical & energetic purification of your pet's body, especially of their vital organs. Pets with any kind of organ weakness or ailments can greatly benefit from this stone.  It has been known to relieve terminal pain, reduce tumors, as well as many other physical ailments. 

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