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Clear Quartz Pet Charm

Clear Quartz Pet Charm

Each pet charm is securely made of real silver & can be attached to any collar with the small keychain loop included. Measures appx .8" & weighs appx 3g. 


Pet charms we're created with the intention of bringing protection & light to your companions. Crystal energies are not meant to replace professional medical treatments for you or your pets.


Quartz is known as a master healer that is effective for all conditions, strengthening the aura & protecting against negative energies. Clear quartz helps strengthen your pet’s immune system, which will improve their overall health. It is beneficial to both dogs & cats during training as quartz heightens energetic communication between your pet & you. Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier of intention, so you could program it with a specific purpose for your pet, before use. If you decide to use clear quartz for your pets, you should clear it often, as it is very absorbent of negative energies that your pet may have come into close contact with.

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