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Fire Cider
  • Fire Cider

    This amazing tonic is made from 100% organic ingredients which are based in Apple Cider Vinegar. This handmade fire cider contains Horseraddish, Tumeric, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Peppers, Peppercorns, Rosemary & Honey. It's got a warming flavor of spicy & sweet which can be taken on it's own or even added to drinks, maranaides & salad dressings. 

    Traditionally fire cider has been used to support the immune system & fight off colds in the winter months. It stimulates circulation which helps warm the body while also boosting our white blood cells. It is also very benefitial for gut health, It's a strong anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal which can decrease Candida overgrowth as well as decrease digestion issues such as constapation or bloating. 


    size: 4oz & 2oz

    Handmade in small batches to assure quality.
    Please remember to recycle or reuse all packaging

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