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Herbal Remedy Cheat Sheet
  • Herbal Remedy Cheat Sheet

    This cheat sheet is a must have for any herbalists or just folk medicine makers!
    It covers the basics of how to make both fresh & dry plant tinctures, how to infuse oils with both fresh & dry plants, how to make your oils into salves, how to infuse vinegars with both fresh & dry plants PLUS how to make infused honeys with both the warm and cool extraction method!

    There is A LOT of info on this page but it is very simply laid out & easy to read.
    Can be used by new or experienced herblaists alike! 

    These high quality prints come laminated to make sure it lasts & stays clean for years of use!
    They come in full 8" x 11" size or as a 8" x 5.5" half print

    *Images in listing are blurred to protect information

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