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Mini Herbal First Aid Kit
  • Mini Herbal First Aid Kit

    These unique mini herbal first aid kits are great to leave in your backpack on outtings. Each kit contains 100% wild crafted & organic ingredients that will all naturally help heal wounds, soothe burns, reduce inflammation, stop itching & prevent infection! The mini first aid kit includes instructions on how to use each product & even has some extra room if you wish to add items such as adhesive bandages. It's dimensions are approximately 2.7" round x 1" wide & weighs approximately 40 grams

    Each kit contains:

    Yarrow Wound Healing Powder
    ingredients: Achillea millefolium

    Two Tree Salve
    ingredients: Thuja plicata, Populus trichocarpa, organic coconut oil, beeswax  

    Herbal Anti-Itch  
    ingredients: Plantago major, Calendula officinalis, Rumex crispus, 99% alcohol

      C$35.00 Regular Price
      C$30.00Sale Price
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