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Mini Ritual Candle Set
  • Mini Ritual Candle Set

    This unique ritual candle set was carefully handmade with 100% local BC beeswax, organic hemp wick & layers of small crystals through each candle. The setincludes a Blue Kyanite mini candle, a Amethyst mini candle & a Rose Quartz mini candle.

    - Light the Kyanite candle to welcome your inner truth to come to the surface & release anything that no longer serves you into the light, becoming in more in alignment with your highest self. 

    - Light the Amethyst candle to welcome a connection with your highest intuition & can feel protected from other's views of who you are.
    - Light the Rose Quartz candle to welcome the qualities of healing, love & joy being drawn into your life.

    each candle is 1.5" across by 1.5" high

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