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Native Plant Fan Club Sticker
  • Native Plant Fan Club Sticker

    Join the Native Plant Fan Club and show your love for native flora. 


    This sticker features a stunning depiction of the Great Camas (Camassia leichtlinii), a native plant species found in the endangered Gary Oak ecosystems of Vancouver Island.


    Diameter: 3 inches
    Material: Durable, waterproof plastic


    The Great Camas, with its delicate blue-purple blossoms and tall elegant stems, is a symbol of resilience and the natural beauty found in our precious ecosystems. By proudly displaying this sticker, you can raise awareness about the importance of preserving native plant species and their habitats.

    Whether you're a dedicated native plant enthusiast, a conservation advocate, or simply appreciate the delicate charm of our natural world, this sticker will fit perfectly on your water bottle, laptop, notebook, wheelbarrow, car bumper or any other smooth surface to showcase your passion for native plants!


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